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Roasted / Fry Papad
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Roasted / Fry Papad

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The word occurs in a well known tongue twister - "Kacha papad, Pakka papad". The papad is a thin Indian wafer, sometimes described as a cracker or flatbread. It is usually made from dried lentils; eaten fried or roasted. The papads are processed in different tastes utilizing natural inbuilt flavors to suit individual requirements.

Papad is a dried lentil chip studded with Indian spices which can be grilled or deep fried. Salt and peanut oil are added to make a dough, which can be flavored with seasonings such as, for example, chili, cumin, garlic or black pepper. The composition of the papad varies by addition of a large number of ingredients such as cereal flour, pulse flour, soya flour, spice mixes, chemical mixes and different vegetable juices to improve both organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. Sometimes baking soda is also added. The dough is shaped into a thin, round flat bread and then dried (traditionally in the sun) and can be cooked by deep-frying, roasting over an open flame, toasting, or microwaving, depending on the desired texture.
It is served as an accompaniment to an Indian meal, as a snack and as croutons in soups. Papads are thin wafers made of urad dal. Papads or Papadams is an example of the genius of Indian cuisine. 
There are basically two kinds of Papad - 
- North Indian papads and the smaller South Indian papadams or appalams.
- North Indian papads may be roasted or deep fried but South Indian papads are best fried.